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Sorry for the delay!  Here’s what you have missed…

Gearbest Reviews

Our good friends at Gearbest.com will be shipping us two printers to review along with two rolls of some nylon filament to put through it’s paces.  The printers will be smaller than what we currently have.  I plan on doing an initial review and a long term review for each printer.  The printers that will be reviewed are the Geeetech e180 and the Aladdinbox SkyCube.  The nylon will be going through the Nub Werkes Battery of Tests.  As a teaser… there will be cinder blocks.  Stay tuned!  If you haven’t yet, check out the new sales from Gear Best by clicking the banner below…

Iron Man Arm / Hobby King Filament

I am waiting on some measurements for an IronMan arm.  I’ve gotten some snazzy Hobby King Transparent Red PLA in… it prints very nicely and will also be going through the Nub Werkes Battery of Tests.  ALSO, all of the reviews will be hosted over at Inov3d.  I still can’t thank Will and Lynn for all the help they’ve provided in helping get this web server/blog idea off the ground for us.  They are both great!

Partsbuilt Goodie Box

Partsbuilt will also be sending us a goodie box of some high strength stuff to play with and put through the wringer.   I’m really excited to see what Jonah and the crew can put together for us.

LWL Kwawu Arm Update

I haven’t strung the light skin toned Kwawu arm yet.  I switched gears and have been flying through the prints on the darker toned arms.  I’ve had a request to get these two done by the end of March so that they can reach India in time.  The large parts have been fine, but the finger tips and the top palm cover have been giving me bed adhesion issues.  I think I’ve got it mostly figured out, but it will tend to break about 6hrs into a 13hr job… so lots of wasted time and filament.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for reading!

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