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Hey all, let’s get those updates!

I’ve already posted on Facebook, but we’ve got our official Gearbest.com affiliate code.  They sell all sorts of things, and remember that anything you buy through them using my link will get us commission.  100% of the commission money will be dumped back into Nub Werkes for supplies and postage. Click the banner below, and add it to your bookmarks.



Also, the Gallery page is up.  If you haven’t done it yet, check it out!


Kwawu 2 Progress

The first of four Kwawu 2 arms is fully printed and thermo-molded.  It turned out great.  I haven’t strung it yet, I need to run to the hardware store and get the appropriate hardware to assemble it.  I am hoping to have some videos of it up and for testing soon.  I printed this first one in Paramount UBRL1001 filament.  I was trying to find a skin tone that wasn’t as ‘pink’ as some of the others ones on the market.  It came out nice and ‘olive-y’ which will look great with the recipient’s skin tone.  The great part about this arm is that it offers an adaptive grip.  This design has two sets of whipple trees in the palm.  It’s a much more difficult process for the stringing, but will allow complex grips that haven’t been available on the more popular hand designs so far.  Besides the regular ‘fist’ grip, it allows more delicate grips to allow the user to hold a pen, or even an eating utensil.  I really can’t wait to see it in proper action.  I will have a full rundown for the video review, but for now I will just include a few photos of the progress.

More Super Heroes on the Horizon

I’ve got two more Super Hero hands in the works.  I’ve got a Batman Hand and an Iron Man Arm.  I’ve started work on the Batman hand, but I am lacking the correct ‘Iron Man red’.  I’ve got a few choices narrowed down, I just need to see some printed samples of the filament.  The Batman hand will be a mix of Black, Transparent Black and Silver.  It’s going to look amazing.  Here’s a still shot of the Batman hand’s gauntlet mid print.  I will host up a time lapse of the gauntlet printing later.

Partbuilt and Filament Reviews

I had placed an order through Partsbuilt for the FormFutura Volcano PLA and the Taulman Bridge nylon filament that I mentioned in the previous installment.  After giving Partsbuilt the rundown of what I was planning to do and who I was doing it for… they agreed to help out on some additional filament donations and even sent me a sample of some FormFutura Crystal Flex filament, a flyer for some medical grade filament AND some Jelly Belly jelly beans.  Jonah and his team have been amazing and I can’t wait to work with this team some more!  The first filament review for Inov3d will be up within the next 7 days.  This will be on the FormFutura Crystal Flex sample I received.  It’s going to be pure blissful nerd speak… if you’re into that sort of thing.

3D Printer Education – CoreXY vs Cartesian

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Will and Lynn’s page at Inov3d, you should do that asap.  They just put up a new printer review on the East 3D Gecko.  It’s a slick CoreXY 3D printer.  This is different from my cartesian style printers.  On a cartesian style printer, the build plate is the Y axis and the hot end moves on both the Z and X.  The CoreXY design has the hot end move on the X and Y and the build plate move on the Z.  This is more efficient design because you aren’t swinging around the mass of the thick build plate AND your part around at high speeds, just the hot end.  You can get a general idea of how a cartesian style works by checking out this quick time lapse I made of the Batman hand.  The Z axis only moves in small steps.  The CoreXY is faster and produces cleaner prints, but it has a more complicated belt routing.  It’s an interesting design that I have been curious to use for awhile now.

Stay tuned for more around the website, and thanks for reading!





  • Marybeth Bultman

    May I share the link without using Facebook? Or do you need to be able to monitor who has access? Site looks like trouble LOL

    • admin

      No it’s not trouble, it’s just easier for me to add content to be honest. There’s only so much I can do because of the limits of Facebook. Share away Ma! This lets me set up things the way I would like them. It’s still a work in process and I plan on changing some of the stuff once I find a way that I like more.. but I atleast have the options now. Facebook would let me just make ‘posts’ but they are hard to search for once they are a couple months old. This uses WordPress which gives me much more flexibility. I love it.

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