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Well,  we’re both excited about the website.  Probably me more so than Aidan.  He really has no idea how awesome it is to have your own ‘.com’.Aidan using the VR

I’ve kind of been slacking off on the Facebook side of things as of late, but I plan on linking to this website from Facebook for more content.  It’s not because we’ve been slow.. on the contrary.. we’ve been BUSY!  This section will be for weekly updates and allow me to just dump tidbits of what all we’ve been up to.

We got the chance to help out our friends at Mi3d and be on the 3D Printing Expert panel.  It was a great time to field questions and talk with people that were interested in what we’re doing.  They even let Aidan try out their VR rig and mess up a ‘virtual’ office at Perception Engineering.

We’ve just shipped out our latest arm, the Team UnLimbited Phoenix Arm, that we themed as Wonder Woman.  We think it came out GREAT and can’t wait to see the pictures when she gets it!The Wonder Woman arm

We’ve teamed up with Limbs with Love to help them print for two adult recipients.  We are trying out a new style arm for them.  They are both double amputees and could use more function than what the typical designs have.  I have printed most of the first arm, but it is a much more complicated design.  Aidan and I will attempt to string it and function test it in the next 7 days.

I ordered some stronger filaments than what we typically print with.  I ordered some Volcano PLA by FormFutura and some Taulman Bridge Nylon.  I’m excited to see what these filaments can do.

As a change of pace, we also plan on doing some stress test reviews of these and other filaments.  We will also be partnering up with Gearbest.com, and they will be providing other filaments for us to test.  We are going to record some Youtube videos for the reviews, with the main articles on the filament’s performance hosted by our good friends at Inov3d.  I don’t intend for NubWerkes.com to become a review site, so I will keep the articles separate.  I will link to our Inov3d content though, so any interested parties can check it out.  Aidan and I are still working on the criteria for the reviews.  I know that we will push all the 3d printed samples to failure, but we will be recording and collecting the data from the failures.  It will be fun.  Stay tuned for the reviews!


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